How to Transform Subway Tiles from Basic to Classic

Many people discharged the idea of subway tiles because they felt they could only produce basic designs. And others think it is nearly impossible to create a classic appreciable design when using subway tiles. But that cannot be farther from the truth. First, it is not a crime that these subway tiles have been around for a long while and have remained relevant till today. One can even refer to one or two old structures with subway tiles, but that is not enough reason to discard this option. 
In the real world, the trend of subway tiles over the past few years does not look like they will go away any time soon. In addition, many people have also discovered some magical and timeless designs from subway tiles. However, overuse of this set of subway tiles can become dull and lack its essence. We should believe that as long as it remains a classic material, it is hard for anyone to go wrong with subway tiles.

Kitchen subway tiles design

It is not too likely to go out of style, especially because many things about style come around in time. As a result, we have compiled some excellent ways to install subway tiles to create a timeless design. Professional interior designers can also be creative with subway tiles, either fresh or from an existing design. Check out eh following ideas and overcome the risk of creating a boring layout with subway tiles. Visit to read about A simple guide to selecting the perfect outdoor tiles.

Trim out the Subway tile pieces

Trim out the Subway tile pieces

The first step to creating a magnificent design with subway tiles is to ensure all is well with the tiles. Start by trimming out the subway tiles for any design you may have in mind. If you want the perfect result, learn to use finished and tailored materials, depending on the architecture of the entire thing. It may not be a good choice in all cases, but the options are also comprehensive. For example, you can use subway tiles, base tiles, pencil liners, and chair rail tiles.

All these elements can build a cohesive look. And no matter what aesthetic value you are planning to create, all visible edges must be in perfect shape. Moreover, it is an ideal process to create a modern design that can give your tiles the recognition they deserve with different styles. On the other hand, you can use a piece of Schluter to hide any unfinished tile edge. Take it from me; this step can lead to many differences. 

Use a tile border

Subway tiles come in various shapes, colors, and even sizes. Therefore, you should not mind adding a few inset borders here and there and adding some other materials. For instance, think of a marble Carrara paired with a classic white subway tile. History also states that some of these techniques are very easy to install. It can also work for both the master rooms of the home and commercial places. 

Try out color blocking

Another method of creating a different look with the subway tiles is to design color blocking. Even if you, as a designer, do not enjoy color blocking, you may try it for the sake of your client. With no exception in color, a little creativity may make your effort with color blocking worthwhile. Instead of retaining just a single color of subway tiles all through, you can use other colors with it for color blocking. Also read about ‘Fashion’s Optical Illusion’ – Color Blocking by clicking here.

Try other subway tile colors

If you lay your hands on the right colors, you can create an irresistible design with various combinations. For instance, some designers have tried some color tiles for the backsplash in a home kitchen, and the result was excellent. This stunning result becomes an inspiration for anyone also to try them out. However, the designer who uses this method must have a good hold on colors and how to combine them. Also, creating a warm gray hue can be good, too, but a modern combination of color subway tiles is both classic and stunning at the same time. 

Use a unique pattern

You can also get the best subway tiles by using unique designs or patterns. Perhaps, this step is the most important way to trigger off your creativity in this sense. It is also easy because it removes any possible stress and makes the rest of the work very easy. 

Tilt the scale

When the matter of scaling comes to the fore, we refer to the subway tiles’ dimension. A standard subway tile measures about 3 x 6 inches in this context. Meanwhile, the options in the market when it comes to size are limitless. The reason is that many designers have made some special requests when it comes to the size of the subway tiles. For example, you can think of a modern bathroom and request elongated tiles shapes.

On the other hand, the designer can make the best out of the size through the chosen pattern. For instance, an elongated shape does well when the designer runs it in a vertical direction. It automatically means a win-win in both the scale and the embedded pattern. In some cases, the designer can perform the trick of running the tiles to match the room’s height. Besides this designer trick, many design options can work if designers dare. 

Explore textured subway tiles

Part of every designer wants to use unique subway tiles that are difficult for other designers to find and use. Therefore, the option to satisfy this desire is a handmade and hand-glazed subway tile that can add a natural and organic feel to the surface. When the design is done with a stint of creativity, the result is often effortless, easy, and timeless to meet modern demands. Go on and enjoy the vibe that this method causes. 


Finally, there are other methods that the designer can explore with subway tiles. The options include designing the surroundings to isolate the pattern of the tiles or creating a unique niche of design. Therefore, if you play your ball well with subway tiles, you can continue to win and create something fresh each time. 

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